Nagomi Healing


 Nagomi Healing was established in September 2015. 

The name of Nagomi (和み) means harmony and peace in Japanese. 

I am hoping to create an environment where the clients can achieve a soothing and relaxing experience. I want them to walk out the door feeling rejuvenated  and at peace. 


About me


I grew up  in south Japan near nature and I understand how we can be rejuvenated by  nature as well as being in a peaceful environment.  

I am very passionate about the field of massage therapy, energy healing and holistic approach.

I believe body, mind and soul all work together. I have been practicing Massage for 9 years,  Reiki energy healing for 6 years and I absolutely love what I do. 

My mission is to educate the clients about the benefits of self care and  help them to be healthy physically, emotionally and mentally.  Start your healthy lifestyle!